Welcome to the North Shore Scene

Hi all,

This website is/was a labor of love, that was created with the goal of providing fans of the Duluth music scene an easily accessible way to keep tabs on their favorite local bands.

As such, you’ll find that the site is very artist-focused. While the Shows page provides a nice comprehensive list, the site encourages you to browse the list of local Bands and see what they’re up to. On each page, you’ll find information about upcoming shows and links to Facebook pages and web sites.


(Anticipated) Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in a local band and I’m not on your site!

Sorry! We do our best to curate an up-to-date list of local artists, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. If we missed you, just send an e-mail to thenorthshorescene@gmail.com with some information about your band and we’ll get you added to the site ASAP.


I’m in a band on the site, but you don’t have my upcoming show on my page.

Same general answer as above — drop us a line at thenorthshorescene@gmail.com.


I want to see my band / show on the front page!

The North Shore Scene uses a “freemium” model. We provide basic information about bands and shows as a public service, spending all our own time and money on creating and maintaining the site. If you’d like to advertise with TNSS, spice up your band page with extra content, et cetera, drop us a line at thenorthshorescene@gmail.com and we’ll talk!

Note that we didn’t create The North Shore Scene to be a huge moneymaker, but we do need to keep the lights on, and would love to be able to sponsor shows, et cetera, in the future.


This is awesome, I want to help!

Cool! We’re especially interested in some assistance with graphic design, communicating with local venues, keeping the artist / show database up-to-date, and promoting The North Shore Scene. Drop us a line at thenorthshorescene@gmail.com!


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